ComforLite® Radiation Protection Aprons

ComfortLite™ X-ray Protective Aprons

Our customers asked and we listened. They told us the features they are looking for most from thier X-ray Protective Garments: Light Weight, Comfortable Feel and Excellent X-ray Protection. We took that and created ComfortLite™.
ComfortLite™ is designed with just those features in mind making it the lightest weight, most comfortable apron worn while still offering full protection.

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When we say full protection, we mean it! If the label says it’s .5mm lead equivalence, that’s exactly what it is. Every ComfortLite™ is made to be the lightest weight, most comfortable, full protection apron available anywhere today.
AADCO’s ComfortLite™ Aprons are made with the latest improved version of X-Ban® “High-Spec” SuperLite™ Material. We inspect and select the most desirable premium X-Ban® material for its perfect features. Selecting the lightest weight material from each manufacturing run that’s produced. We call it, “High-Spec” X-Ban®. In addition to this, a combination of other engineering techniques are used to make ComfortLite™ Aprons lighter and more comfortable. We use lighter weight, highly pliable garment shell materials. We apply advanced engineering techniques to the patterns of each apron, changing the pattern design of each apron to achieve maximum effciency by minimizing unnecessary weight to achieve the highest X-ray Protection to Weight Ratio in the industry. “High-Spec” X-Ban® is simply the highest state of the art in x-ray protection and one that continues to evolve to maintain maximum Radiation Safety effcacy in conformance with ALARA. All said and done, X-Ban® is unsurpassed in the X-ray Protection Qualities, and “HighSpec” X-Ban® is simply the best of the best.

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